We work with your business in mind

At Captive Resources, we know the price of insurance purchased in the conventional market often includes mark-ups to pay for the insurer’s acquisition costs, marketing expenses, high commissions, administration and overhead. We have developed a full-service consulting organization that today serves over thirty five group captives and more than 4,200 member companies that turn to us for expertise and support. Pricing is specifically designed to deliver profit to the insurer’s bottom line. Our goal is to minimize those costs in order to enhance your bottom line.


The Captive Resources edge

Captive Resources’ full array of services combines to provide a competitive edge to its captive clients and their member companies, that can be found nowhere else.

  • Proven pricing practices that offer an unbiased formula to calculate premiums based on a member’s actual loss history rather than aggregated averages and trends in the insurance market.
  • Risk management services that better control risk and help prevent losses with a formalized risk assessment methodology. Members are evaluated and monitored to ensure adherence to the captive’s risk management standards.
  • In-house safety professionals to help coordinate all risk control services.
  • Claims services managers that provide efficient and effective claims advocacy through a formalized system, flag complex and difficult claims, and keep members apprised of their own loss experience, as well as that of their captive.
  • Buying power and clout through strong relationships with numerous fronting and reinsurance, claims administration and loss prevention companies, which results in better service and lower costs for members.
  • Flexible options through captive insurance service providers who offer “unbundled” services. Unlike traditional insurance companies that offer a standard package of services, a Captive Resources-administered captive can more readily alter its support services without undue disruption or extra costs.
  • Efficient and time-tested captive governance that provides all members an equal vote in the management and direction of the captive and streamlines members’ participation in their captive, so they can spend more time running their own businesses.
  • Investment tools that maximize members’ assets through the Captive Resources-developed Captive Investors Fund, an offshore mutual fund, which was created in 1994 to meet the specific investment and credit needs of the group captives that Captive Resources serves, and which now exceeds $4 billion in invested assets.
  • Coordination of all service providers that includes direct reporting by a Captive Resources executive to the captive’s Board of Directors, which is comprised solely of the captive’s member-owners.