Medical Stop Loss

To meet members’ growing needs, Captive Resources formed a member-owned group captive that provides employers a unique option for their self-insured medical stop loss coverage. The captive offers its members flexibility to tailor their specific health benefits programs to their unique requirements. In addition to providing dividend potential within the captive structure, members are able to: work with their current plan design; choose the specific stop-loss limit that fits their company best; select their own claims administrator; and access local, regional, and national PPO networks. Members have access to exceptional wellness initiatives, helping them manage their total health care expenditures, including costs below their specific retentions, where the bulk of their health care dollars are spent.




Members of the casualty captives are eligible to join a property captive which offers competitive pricing and broad coverage along with the significant buying power and price stability of a large program with insured values in excess of $100 billion. The captive also provides its member-owners a unique “win-win” proposition by allowing for potential dividends in the event of favorable loss experience, but no assessment for adverse experience.


831 [b] Micro Captives

Captive Resources’ approach to these smaller captives is aligned with its group captive concept–designed to provide the captive owner with a true insurance mechanism that provides greater control and management of risk. Captive Resources has the expertise to help your company assess its individual needs and structure a captive to reflect its unique circumstances.

Kensington Management Group, Ltd

Kensington Management Group, Ltd (KMG) is a licensed captive insurance manager based in the Cayman Islands, and sister company to Captive Resources. Based on premium volume, KMG is the largest independent captive manager in Cayman, with a diverse portfolio of single parent and group captives, representing 14% of the total captive premiums written in Cayman. KMG is a full-service management firm, providing feasibility study coordination; license applications; captive formation; regulatory reporting and liaison; cash management; accounting; investment portfolio coordination; audit and tax coordination; and registered office and corporate secretarial functions.



Broker Resources Insurance Services, LLC

Broker Resources is a wholesale broker specifically established to work closely with brokers placing Umbrella / Excess / Buffer for group captive member-insureds working with Captive Resources. By building a volume of best-in-class companies, Broker Resources provides competitive and stable Umbrella and Cyber pricing for captive members. Brokers can access Broker Resources for any current or prospective captive member.



Premium Financing

Captive members and prospective members frequently express interest in both collateral and premium financing options. In response, Captive Resources introduced, in partnership with national premium finance companies, a program that can finance both collateral and premium for captive members. In addition, members have the ability to finance ancillary lines, assessments, and audits. A member’s insurance broker can work with the finance company to develop individual quotes. The program provides captive members quick, hassle-free access to premium financing with low rates and attractive terms.