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All Captive Resources’ client captives host safety and risk control workshops to help captive insurance members learn from the best. Members learn how to improve their already strong safety and claims management processes in ways that work for their businesses. These group captive workshops typically include motivational keynote speakers, and presentations by experts in various areas such as injury triage, fall protection, liability prevention and control, workplace violence issues, behavioral change, and drug-free workplace solutions, to name a few.

In addition, members participate and share with attendees what they have done to ensure their safety and claims processes are successful. Members have the opportunity to network with their fellow group captive members and share safety and risk management best practices.

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If you would like a refresh on best practices for group captives, or would like to learn new information, our Captive Workshops are perfect for you as a captive insurance member. Contact us online or at (847)781-1400 for more information about our Captive Workshops.

“The best benefit is the stability of the cost structure. I also appreciate the claims management and the other service providers.”

—Executive of firm with 2,000 employees

The following are a few examples of some recent workshop topics:

  • Selling Safety through Employee Recognition Programs
  • Contractual Risk Transfer
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Distracted Driving: An Integrated Fleet Solution
  • Post Offer/Pre-Placement Functional Employment Testing
  • Lessons from Losses: Transitional Duty
  • Fatigue Prevention & Control Best Practices
  • Nurse Triage Services